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I find it really interesting that the historical men like Vincent Van Gogh, Winston Churchill and Richard Nixon portrayed in Moffat Who are always three dimensional and treated respectfully, while the historical women like Elizabeth the First and Nefertiti, are always love sick idiots drooling over the Doctor.

It almost seems like Moffat cannot take women seriously, even if they ruled nations.





ahh yes the basketball. males 12+ only. nice

Except there’s a difference between men’s basketballs and women’s basketballs because women have smaller hands women’s balls have a smaller diameter while men have larger hands and their basketballs have larger diameters

yo ok what she said my bad

That was the most mature dispute I have ever seen on the internet

Her mentality toward The Doctor can be summed up with a conversation she has with Amy in series 6. The Doctor has left them with instructions Amy does not want to do, but River tells her, “We’re going to [do] as The Doctor’s friends always do. As they’re told.” I think I just heard Rose, Martha, Donna, Romana, and Sarah Jane slap you.

Rebecca Moore, University Study on Sexism in Doctor Who (via linnealurks)




go to google translate. type a sentence in english and translate it to a language of your choice. translate it again to another language. translate it again. and again. and again. translate it 6 more times. then once more. translate it one final time back to english. what are you left with? something that’s completely different than the original. 

or as we like to call it

the bible


This is great

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